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The loan situation.


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Hi everyone,

I've been accepted to all five Masters school psychology program I've interviewed with (some are MA/EdS some are MA/CAGS and one PsyD program). I haven't received any funding info as of yet, and for some schools its been up to two weeks since I've heard back either unofficially or officially. I've talked to many current students and various schools, and some have said that they receive enough in loans to cover their rent and some expenses even. I'm wondering about this - my FAFSA has an EFC of 0 with potential for something like a 20k federal loan. But the student who said that goes to a school that costs 30k per year - how is it possible that she would receive enough in loans for all that and more? Other students have casually mentioned have enough loans to cover everything also at other programs. I was under the impression that these weren't outside private loans either.

Anyone know anything about this? I appreciate it!

This is especially important because my top choice and probably the program I will end up in cost 40k per year (with promise of financial aid from what I've heard). 

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Does anyone know - if I want to defer my undergrad loans, but will be taking out a private loan (aka not through the school, not federal loans but with a family member) am I still able to get a deference, so long as I am enrolled full time?? Or is it dependent on taking out more federal loans while in school? Thanks for the help.

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