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Pressure to Commit Before April 15

Dr Acula

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I recieved a fully-funded offer to a program on 3/16, but the acceptance letter stated that I had to sign and return my acceptance/refusal of the offer by 3/23 (only one week!) The problem is, I'm still waiting to hear back from my first choice, and a POI from my #1 contacted me the same day to arrange a talk. Aren't we supposed to have until April 15th to commit to admissions offers with funding? The program I've been admitted to signed the GSC's April 15 Resolution but I don't think throwing that in their face as a stalling tactic would be the best move for me. Should I take the current offer and retract it before April 15 if I get into my #1?

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Have you asked for a deadline extension?? If you're legit interested in this school, tell them and inform them that you're waiting on other offers before making a decision and would like an extra week or two. Accepting the offer and then backing out is pretty unprofessional. Most places will allow extensions to avoid it. You may also want to let your top choice know you're situation too.

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