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I had an interview at MUSC and it felt like it went well. Anyone know if I'm likely in?

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I had an interview at MUSC for their master's program in biomedical science, for a focus on neuroscience. I initially met with the doctor overseeing master's graduate admissions. She commented that I had a good GRE score and a good psychology subject test GRE score. She showed me around campus, then took me to meet with another doctorate who oversees the admissions for the neuroscience track for the biomedical sciences. She and I clicked right off. She and I have very similar theoretical viewpoints and research interests, and she seemed to be pretty eager to have me join her lab. She used a lot of inclusive language. Both had recommended that I apply to transfer to the PhD program after my first year, and said that it sounds like it would be good for me to get my PhD and become a post-doctoral researcher. 

Would they act like this and talk about me going for my doctorate and later for a post-doc position if they didn't plan on accepting me? I'm just wondering how common it is for interviews for graduate programs to go very well, then reject you.


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I would say that your interview did sound like it went very well. I think it is a good sign of acceptance but at some schools it could be tricky if more than one person decides if you are accepted or not. Ive known people to interview be told that they would be accepted (unofficially) and then receive a rejection letter. I hope you get in. I'm in a similar situation because my interviewers asked me questions as if they were going to admit me, so I've been racking my brain waiting on their decision. lol

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