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LSAT Score?


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Hello everyone,


I am new to this forum and have been reading over the past several days. I have a question for law school students or graduates, especially from Rutgers School of Law. Let me give you some quick academic background information of myself. I have an A.S. Degree, B.A. Degree 'Magna Cum Laude' (3.7 GPA/Criminal Justice and Sociology), and M.A. (3.75 GPA/Criminal Justice). I received my B.A. and M.A. from Rutgers university Newark Campus. Currently I plan on taking the LSAT in October 2015 and I would love to get into Rutgers University School of Law-Newark Campus.


Score Admissions are the following for the entering class of 2014, (75% / 25% GPA:  3.54 / 3.05)    (75% / 25% LSAT: 159 / 153). In the past I have taken tutor/prep courses and have scored below average on the GRE; however, I still managed to get into Grad school and graduate with a high GPA. My questions is; Can I get into Rutgers or any other Law School in NJ with a LSAT score of 150.


I was hoping that having earned my B.A. and M.A. at Rutgers Newark Campus, with my previous high GPA's, would off set my lower LSAT score. I plan on studying 4-5 months in advance but I know that scoring above a 155 is almost impossible for me. I have been a  college student for many years and know my capabilities, so when it comes to standardized testing I don't do too well. Lastly, what do people recommend for courses in regards to studying for the LSAT.


Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you guys

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Hi there,


I graduated from law school at the University of Oklahoma and currently work there, so I don't know a ton about schools in NJ, but I can help you out a bit in general. First, LSAC has a law school guide that allows you to put in your GPA and LSAT scores and see your chances of getting into each ABA-approved law school in the US. You can find it here: https://officialguide.lsac.org/release/OfficialGuide_Default.aspx. I put in your undergrad GPA (that is what school's will weigh and have to report, not your master's GPA, though clearly they will take it into consideration), and a 150 LSAT score. It looks like you have around a 25% chance of getting into Rutgers-Newark. 


Most law schools weigh LSAT scores more heavily than GPA because LSAT is supposed to be the most accurate predictor of first-year law school grades. The fact that your GPA is above their median is a good thing, though, so hopefully they will consider that very positively. However, the fact that that LSAT score falls below even their lowest 25% makes you less competitive. 


I would definitely put an addendum to your applications explaining reasons for a low LSAT score, the fact that you did below average on the GRE but succeeded in grad school, etc.


I myself didn't take an LSAT prep course, but I really liked Powerscore's prep books, so you might check out their prep courses. Definitely study as much as you can and take a lot of practice tests!! 


Best of luck!



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