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  1. I was a journalism major and I have to say - I didn't love it at the time, but it was super helpful for both law school and grad school, where a huge part of my grades were dependent on essay/research paper writing.
  2. Hi there, I'm currently a grad student at Elliott and I have to say I personally cannot imagine being in school for IR/security/that whole realm without being in DC. I get how important it is to not go into too much debt, so it definitely still warrants a balancing act, but I have had SO many experiences already in just my first year that I never could've gotten living in a different city. My focus is Russia, so I'm currently a semester intern at State, I get to go to events all the time with total bigwigs in the field, I have informational interviews with the Russia desks for various gov
  3. Hey there! So sorry- I just now logged in and saw this message! In case you haven't yet enrolled in one, here is my experience: I'm not enrolled as a college student! I ultimately opted to do an online course through the University of Texas because that is where I did my undergrad, but I'm not enrolled there anymore as a student. UT has online extension classes that I believe anyone can enroll in regardless of being a student or not. When I was looking at the community college classes, it did seem like you had to apply and enroll, so I thought it was more complicated and just decided to do the
  4. Thanks for this scholarship info! I have been on the hunt for more. If anyone else knows of other opportunities for graduate scholarships, send them my way!
  5. Hmmm it looks like I received it on the same day as I received the email confirming my deposit. For some reason right now there are only 40 people in the group, so perhaps only certain programs have been able to join so far? I am in the mid-career program, so I thought it might be that, but someone just posted that they are in the MA Intl Affairs... I also see one for the Intl Science and Technology Program. I'm just not really sure.
  6. I've joined the admitted students group! I think it is secret right now, but I got an email giving me the link to join... maybe try emailing them if you haven't received it? Have you been able to set up your GW Net ID and email address yet?
  7. Thanks guys! I found a community college one (Dallas Community College online) for $111 for in-state, so that may be a good option for any other Texans. In the meantime, will likely do a MOOC for macro to brush up- I'll check out the MIT one! Appreciate it.
  8. Hey guys! I am starting at GW's master's program in the fall, and I need to take microeconomics before I start. I want to take it completely online, and it would be even better if it is self-paced, though that is definitely not a requirement. I have found a self-paced, fully online course through UT (Texas)'s University Extension program for $550. Anyone know of a cheaper option? Of course, I am trying to find the cheeeeeeapest option I can. I am a Texas resident if that helps (though I think the UT one is $550 for everyone- both in state and out of state). Thanks for the advice!
  9. Yay! I'm attending the Elliott School in the fall! I am in the MIPP program, so it is is shorter and I don't have a lot of time to take a bunch of different electives... what is your focus and what are your favorite courses? I want to make sure I don't miss out on any must-take classes!
  10. I won't be there... I work for a law school currently and we actually have our own Admitted Students Day that day! If you go, though, let me know how it is! I wish I could go and meet everyone.
  11. Nice to meet you Karen!! My name is Kasey Stricklin. I plan on focusing a lot on security, so I'll definitely be in some of those courses!
  12. I'm officially putting my deposit for GW down today, so hopefully I'll see some of you next year! I'm in the one-year mid-career program, but I can take classes in all different areas, so will surely have classes with some of you. Best of luck everyone with your decisions and I'm really curious to hear where everyone ends up!!
  13. I applied last year and never ended up hearing anything back.
  14. You guys, finally received something about funding! I received 7000 a semester. They called it a "graduate fellowship." Hope everyone else just got emails too!
  15. Nothing here... well, plenty of emails just none funding related...
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