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  1. Nothing. Hopefully this week will be the week.
  2. Jealous. Some of us are still waiting. Yours said approval by mid may, right?
  3. It is possible if you haven't taken the school's money, and someone who actually wants to go to that school will actually receive funding when you decline so please decline ASAP. As long as you haven't taken money, you don't really owe anything to the school; hence, you don't even need to say you're leaving for another school. Just write something along the lines of, "although I am grateful for your generous offer, I will not be able to join you in the following academic year due to unforeseen circumstances." You'll make an alternate very happy, trust me.
  4. Any American applicants/students who can shed light if our Erasmus Mundus stipends will be taxed by the US?
  5. Hi, tbh I don't know if they had completed their service requirement from the scholarship, but I don't really think it matters. You could just argue in your essay that you want more preparation in the field before tackling the SR seeing as most federal jobs sponsored by Boren require an MA or graduate study. During my convocation year, they actively encouraged us to apply for the fellowship as well. On another note, I noticed your other threads about IMCEERES, and I got into the program with the scholarship (awaiting EACEA approval). While I can't tell you currently about how it's like quite yet, I'd be glad to share about the application process.
  6. I've heard of it, and even heard of people who got the scholarship and the fellowship for the same language.
  7. Does anyone have any tips or would like to share plans on how to sustain oneself when one or two of your mobility periods are in partner countries?
  8. I believe it’s highly unlikely unless you broke the 12 month rule at one point in your life or unless there are over three participants from the same country. I asked if the Scholarship was deferrable and they were very cut throat (direct) in terms of asking me to commit. Plus they asked me for some documents. I’ll ask if you want, YOLO tbh. edit: I asked and they said it was highly unlikely and that it is more of a formality rather than anything else.
  9. For those waiting for IMCEERES, I recently got an email that said I was nominated for the scholarship. I'm a partner country though.
  10. Recommended for Russia C':
  11. I'd write to them asap. Who cares if you seem pushy, tbh, I think it's kinda shady when they don't even tell you when you'll find out about funding. The applicant needs time to make adjustments and plan for these sort of things.
  12. Rivai

    Boren 2018-2019

    Oops yeah I just checked my email, I did get it on the 17th, my friend who applied for a fellowship was asking me the other day when I got it and I thought I had said 14th. I apologize, I didn’t get a second budget email when I got it though. The mailed letter did get here another day though. Good luck!
  13. Rivai

    Boren 2018-2019

    Hi everyone, I am a member of the 2017-2018 Cohort, I did not get a second budget email and still received the scholarship on April 14.
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