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Parsons Design and Technology VS. SVA


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So. Contrary to my feeling that I got into 0 of my schools, I happened to make it into two. I know SVA is more established with their Design MFA, but the Parsons D&T program does intrigue me. I have 0 background in coding, and I have a feeling that the design industry will start to become more and more digitalized. What do you guys think?

Also, mainly I'm concerned about jobs after I graduate. Which program do you think will make me the most competitive candidate? My BFA was in Visual Communications, so it was very print and old school graphic design based.

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Well, the SVA Design MFA is a graphic design program pretty much. And the Parsons D+T program has hardly any graphic design unless you count web design as graphic design. You have to figure out what particular job you want in the design industry. Graphics + code = interaction design, which seems very hot right now. If that's what you're interested in, then go with Parsons.

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