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two important questions


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Hi i have just finished my bachelor in Maths and in November i am thinking of applying for a master degree in England, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands.
I would like to get some information regarding the following questions and any information/opinion would be very useful and welcome.
a1) In case i won't be accepted in England will it be feasible to pursue a job in England or US after my master ?? ( Unfortunately i can not afford a degree in US) Has anyone of you done anything similar? However, i understand that staying in your master's country for some time might be more reasonable.
a2) When a company assesses my job application do they consider my master's grades ? Which factors are take into account?

B) A few universities in Germany won't assess my application before April. However, i don't want to submit the rest of my applications in April because the competition will be more intense in comparison with November. Is there anything i could do so that to apply to Germany too ?? How much time does a university offer me until i have to answer to their offer?? Did anyone of you have the same problem??

Thanks for reading...

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No , i want to apply for the winter semester.. Sorry if i didn't write it clearly.. The problem is that the competition will be very intense in England/Netherlands in April(when the application period for Germany begins) , so in these two i want to apply in November. So in case i apply to England/Netherlands i will have an answer from the university much sooner (2months) than the date that i will submit my application in Germany.. So is it possible to accept an offer from a university(england) and some months later to apply to an other one (germany) ?? And in case they accept me in germany ; can i choose that one and inform the English Univ. that i am not going ??

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In general, it is safe to say that the time of applying for a masters does not have any influence on the outcome. They make sure that courses do not "fill up" before the application deadline. Of course, it is different when you are applying for a single project as a PhD student or something. Therefore, the result should be the same when you apply in April compared to any other time in the year.


I think it is possible to accept an (unfunded) place in the UK only to later withdraw. The two times I applied they wanted a reply asap, but in July or August at the latest. (Having applied in January.) To be sure, you would have to inquire at the specific universities you have in mind.

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