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I have a partially funded masters offer from Delaware's linguistics and cognitive science program. My other offer is a completely unfunded masters in experimental psychology from my alma mater at in-state tuition rates. I'm leaning toward Delaware but would like to hear from someone who has had personal experience with that department. I'm looking for descriptions of the academic environment, the research opportunities, and the degree to which professors mentor graduate students.


Anyone who has something to say on this matter but doesn't feel comfortable discussing it in a public forum may send me their thoughts over PM.

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Hi ImberNoctis,


I am a PhD student now at Delaware. I think your experience really depends on your interests and goals. What is your research interest? What do you want to get out from the master's? Do you want to go on for a PhD program later with it? The department is stronger in some research areas than others, and I can tell you more about it once I know more about your interests. Feel free to PM me too.

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After careful consideration of several factors, I have decided to accept University of Delaware's offer. Thanks to everyone who generously took time to address my questions and concerns.


Yay! I'm going to grad school! :)

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