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Columbia vs. Chicago


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I've finally narrowed my choices down to Columbia and Chicago and I'm having a really hard time deciding between the two. I've visited both and could definitely see myself at either school. Both programs are strong, although Columbia has the exact track I would want to do (AGPP). I could probably do something similar at Chicago, but it would be less structured. Chicago is definitely more academically rigorous. Columbia is in the location I want (I'm from New York and will probably stay in NY after grad school, so I might be able to make better connections by staying in NY). Chicago also offered me WAY more money, which is something to consider. 


Anyone else have thoughts on the schools? Anyone making the same decision? Any insight would be helpful!

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If you have a chance, I would visit both. I didn't apply for Columbia, but its school of social work is twice the size of Chicago and 75% of Columbia's faculty are part-time whereas 40% at Chicago are. Columbia also admits 20% more students that Chicago. On the other hand, Columbia may make it easier to work in NY. Here's my sources:




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