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Hi everyone, 


I would love some feedback or advice on this. I have been fortunate enough to get accepted to all the MPA/MPP/MPS programs I had applied to at Queens, University of Toronto, and Waterloo respectively. 


I have eliminated UofT because its 2 years while the other two are shorter. 


So, Queens is much more reputable and has a solid academic curriculum and their program is one of the oldest in Canada (around 40 years old). Their program is 10 month long with a a possibility of a co-op placement or internship but you have to COMPETE for it against the other students as well as students from 3 other universities for the coveted 100 positions in the OPS (Ontario Public Service)


At Waterloo, the program is only 4 years old and the academic curriculum isn't as well-developed compared with Queens. However, they have a PAID, EIGHT MONTH co-op term that is GUARANTEED. 


Both universities are a couple hours away from home and in the same province. They work out to be the same with tuition and living expenses. Waterloo would be $30,000 and Queens would be $20,000 but I can use the money earned in co-op at Waterloo to pay off a chunk of the tuition.


Which one is a more sensible choice? The school providing a solid reputation/great academic and student life experience with no guarantee of practical work (co-op) OR the school with mediocre reputation/academic and student life experience but with an opportunity for a long-term, guaranteed co-op??? PLEASE HELP!! 

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Quick questions before I give my answer, when did you hear from Queen's MPA? I'm still waiting to hear back. 


Ok, now my answer. I would personally choose Queen's. The alumni network would be much more helpful than Waterloo (IMO), and could help you in your search post-grad. Unless, of course, you are interesting in working in the Waterloo area. 

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Hey CDNTrish, thanks for your reply!

I heard back on March 5, 2015. Try calling them and ask when you can expect an answer.


Also, do you think network trumps work experience in the co-op? The opportunities from the Waterloo co-op program are dispersed throughout Ontario (mostly in Toronto) not just in Waterloo

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What is your goal after? If it's a PhD, then I would lean towards Queens for its reputation, well-established program, etc. If you want to work after, then do consider co-op. I am just finishing a co-op masters at Waterloo and I have a job waiting for me (but I'm going to do a PhD, lol). 

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