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how to chose global development U of Copenhagen & MPP @ LKY, NUS


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Hey guys,


I applied several policy program in Asia and Europe, and got in some programs:


1, U of Copenhagen, master of global development, new program, and offer me first year scholarship to cover tuition and stipend;


2, Just got an email from LKY in NUS, I was in Mater of public policy program for two years, no infoirmation about the funding, but I ask whether they would offer me support.


3, CUHK two programs , I would reject these to somebody waiting.


Which one would be more promising? 



Pros: dream school with location in southeast asia, which my future career goal to condcut my work;

         maybe one of best policy program in Asia


Cons: no funding information, but I would confirm; 

          maybe less famus then U of copenhagen?


U of Copenhagen


Pros: first year funding.

          more international

          closer to western world,

Cons: total new, I would be the second class in this program, no promise for future career



PS, I also got in some MSW program in last year, but defer. I would say no to it.


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