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The value of summer schools?

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I'm about to enter a PhD this fall (currently doing an MA). I was wondering what people's opinions are on the value of summer schools? By this I mean graduate (advanced MA/PhD/post-doc) summer schools of usually two weeks' duration that combine teaching and a couple of workshops at the end as an opportunity for everyone to present their research/work. I found two pretty cool ones relevant to my field. One is free, the other costs about $1000. Are these worth anything in the long run, i.e. useful to have done beyond simply the learning process involved whilst there? Do they look good on an academic CV or do they not matter?


Any opinions or views?

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Once you're in it's highly probably the department will pay for summer schools, at this point you don't need to have one in your CV anymore. Beyond that point, I guess they look good only if they contribute to your research agenda.

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