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Rejecting current institution and advisor

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I was admitted into two Ph.D. programs (still waiting for hearing from one university), one of them in the institution where I am currently in. I decided that a change would benefit my growth as a scholar, which means that I will have to reject the people who believe in me when nobody else did. I am feeling bad about have to tell them no, specially when they went to great lengths to offer me a very generous fellowship. I would like to write them soon, because I know there are people on the waiting list that will benefit from my rejection. Any advice on how to phrase this rejection? 


Thank you!

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I'd say focus on things like gaining new perspectives, teaching styles, perhaps a different type of institution, networking with both current professors and new student body. Of course this very much depends on where you are at and where you are going... I'd say that there must be a reason of why you applied there in the first place, so—while being thankful about all your institution has done for you—explain why the other option will ultimately help you achieve your academic goals. Given that these people are your current advisors, they will want what's best for you and will not hold it against you.

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