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Funded master's in math/stats?


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Are you willing to go outside the US? (I'm just assuming that's where you are.) Most research based Masters programs in Canada (which includes all math and stats programs I believe) offer funding, although it is not always guaranteed for everyone. In practice, I think most people get funded.

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I didn't look into Masters programs in the US, so I don't know much about it, sorry. I know some people do get funding, but it's not the norm, and I don't think there's many schools that guarantee it for Masters programs.

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That's good to know -- thank you! Any school in the US that offers funded master's?


Some schools offer funded Master's to top candidates, or candidates they consider top. I think it mostly depends on the field of study and how much money the department has. The bigger the department, the more likely is they will have spare money for funding.

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