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Geography in Boston U or GIS in Clark


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Hi everyone! I have been admitted to MA Geography in Geography with no funding and MSGIS in Clark with 30% tuition waiver, my primary interest is GIS and I heard that BU is not strong in it. However, it was always my dream to go to BU so it is kind of hard to decide.



stronger in GIS

30%tuition waiver



Better program in geography overall

Not too strong in GIS

More expensive


Does anyone have any info or experiences they'd like to share? Which program has a better reputation on job market? Thank you for your help in advance!

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Why is it your dream to go to BU? I'm just wondering since you admit that it's the weaker program for what you want to do. Also, I think many people would say that BU is the weaker geography program overall. Honestly, I don't know that I'd pursue either given the cost of getting a master's in geography without minimal funding, especially when there is funding for geography master's programs available (though not for professional GIS degrees).

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Both departments are phenomenal. BU though does have greater brand name recognition, which may lend itself to better jobs from employers who don't know the geo field well - it's not a big known discipline outside of academia in the states. But, if it's that much cheaper to go to clark, then maybe that makes sense. In my opinion though, Boston beats Worcester hands down, I'd choose BU. 

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