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What comes of a rather lopsided profile as mine?


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I know this isn't encouraged here, but... given the unique situation (I think) I've got here... I thought I'd ask you what you think.


I've had 13 backlogs in my UG in CSE, CGPA: 6.58 (on 10), took extra 1.5 years to complete my degree. But, worked on a no. of solo projects and solo authored 4 IEEE papers, making journal appearances and winning certain accolades and awards. GRE: 331 (166+165, 5). I also helped build a rising start-up.


A little more detail:

Among my 4 solo authored papers, the 1st was in UACEE, made a journal appearance, and was cited as base work in a 28th IEEE parallel computing conference paper, the 2nd to the 4th was in IEEE. My 3rd paper was nominated for award quality in a 30th annual conference, was fully sponsored of the $650 paper registration, was waived mandatory attendance and is currently the most downloaded paper of the conference with ~48 hits on Xplore per month). I also have a GRE score of 331 and helped build up a start company that's doing pretty good. Lastly, the college I studied in said to be the 2nd best in south india. All my college projects were solo developed and were quite innovative. I also worked on a team research project with 3 of my friends and its results were attested by dept. Professors. I worked in a start-up during the extra 1.5 years I took to clear my backlogs. I've got LORs from important Dept. profs and an LOR of exceptional performance from the start-up's CEO.


Despite my CGPA and backlogs, do I stand a chance at the top 50-70 colleges for Computer Engineering? Thing is, I've got no clue where I stand. (Planning for the Spring intake). I'd be thankful if someone could name a college I could aim highest for and the "lowest" I can settle with. 

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I know nothing about your field, but judging from what I've seen in the results search and on the forums here, you probably have a shot at a top 70 school.

I've seen several rejections though on Results Search in various engineering subfields from people who sound similar - not the best GPA or GRE's, but significant papers and awards. They're usually really pissed/arrogant sounding in their Results Search posts. 


I'd talk to the actual schools you're looking at applying to and go from there.

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