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ASHA Pre-reqs, USU

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Has anyone taken Bio at USU online?  I'm trying to decide between that and my local CC this summer. Any feedback? And specifically, do you know if you can work ahead in the class, or do they only open up one module at a time? Turns out I only need bio and one other CSD class, so I want bio done as quickly as humanly possible.

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I took some CSD pre-reqs from USU (solid program, btw), but not Bio.  If you take the class at your local CC, it will probably be half the cost of USU's. Something to consider.  I think it all depends on the proffesor teaching the class; some allow you to work ahead and others open the modules based on a schedule.  You can always email the professor teaching the class and ask them. 


I'm currently taking a Chemistry for Health Sciences class (thanks to ASHA's new requirement) through my local CC and the pace is absolutely insane. :blink:  In this class, I'm allowed to work ahead, but, realistically, there is no time to do so.  


Anyway, good luck with it! 

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