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  1. I just graduated this past December! I felt supported by my professors and had no problem connecting with classmates all over the country. I see that you are located in CA (as am I), which is an advantage as there are a ton of Speech@NYU students here. I chose this program because I still wanted to be able to work part-time, and it was flexible with my schedule. My practicum experiences were at a school, private practice, and a SNF, which I all enjoyed and learned so much. I still keep in touch with my previous supervisors and one did comment that her NYU students (she had 2 of us in separate semesters), were very knowledgeable on pediatric language disorders compared to other students she had. I was quite flattered by that. I do agree that NYU trains us very well, and just because it's an online program doesn't mean it is less rigorous. It definitely gets tough, just like any other grad program. I also think NYU prepares us extremely well for the PRAXIS. I haven't heard of anyone not passing it so far! There are also plenty of job opportunities as a CF once you graduate. I just started my CFY last week at a school, and my other classmates have found positions in other settings as well. Good luck with your decision!
  2. NYU!! Great LGBT friendly community. We're also known for our services for transgender voice therapy.
  3. True, but this is just about membership to an organization, not something too serious like lying about having a job. If it were a job, or if the OP said they had a position in the organization and actually didn't, then yes that's a different story. @Ccceeewww97 Did you pay dues? If anything, that would be proof. But please don't be too stressed about this lol, the application process is stressful enough as it is!
  4. I doubt she will check. They honestly don't have time to fact check everyone's resumes, especially around this time of year. I would just leave it be and like someone said it's highly likely she won't even notice lol.
  5. Of course! Feel free to reach out with any more questions!
  6. Hi! I'm currently in my 3rd semester of NYU online and enjoying it! I chose this program because I work full time and it accommodates my schedule. I didn't want to have to worry about all the hassles that come with an on-campus program such as commuting, parking, etc. since that takes away valuable study time. You watch pre-recorded lectures before your live session, which is once a week for an hour. There are both evening and morning classes. Office hours are held too, and professors are very prompt in responding to questions outside of class. I am definitely learning a lot and it is just as rigorous as any other program. Everyone in my cohort is so supportive of each other, and we have study sessions online and I find myself always texting/calling/facetiming classmates, so always remember you are not alone! Depending on where you live (@mliriano - I see that you're in NY?), you are bound to find other people in your cohort where you can meet up in person. I live around LA and have met several people in the program. For exams, we use a program called Proctor track. There is no live proctor on the other end, but this program flags any suspicious behavior such as going on your phone, opening a browser, off-screen glances, etc. Of course, because it is a fairly new program, some kinks are still being worked out, but honestly nothing deal-breaking. Overall it's been working out for me and I'm almost halfway done!
  7. @2TwoNKZ Congrats! I've just been accepted to this program and will be starting in May if I take this offer (waiting on a couple waitlists). I would just like some more info on it too, as I haven't been able to find any info from current students.
  8. @speechfan222 Yup I'm applying to the online program. Since I don't have my BA in communication disorders, it reduces the number of online programs I'm eligible to apply to (at least the ones I've researched so far). So I'm still gonna give it a shot.
  9. I've decided to apply for spring admissions in May and the application isn't due until the end of February. Because I'm still tweaking my essays, I was planning to submit around mid-November at the earliest. I just moved up within my company as an ABA therapist so I was planning to incorporate some of my new responsibilities into my essays. However the admissions counselor keeps pushing me to send it (although I do agree that she is very friendly and enthusiastic) but I need some time! I understand it's rolling admissions but still. I think pushing me to send it 5 months before the priority deadline is a little ridiculous. I thought of sending it just to make them stop calling, but instead I ended up blocking their number... lol. So yes, basically, I agree with everyone saying they are so pushy.
  10. @HopefulFutureSLP2016 I'm sorry to hear that as well! I'm applying for the January cohort with the October deadline. The counselor told me my GRE was competitive enough, and that she liked how I took pre-reqs after I graduated and proved I'm trying to strengthen myself after a lower undergrad GPA (I'm an out of field applicant). After hearing your story though, this makes me nervous as well. Another thing that makes me nervous is that whenever I try to call to ask a question, I always get her answering machine. I would imagine she is always by the phone or would at least call back the same day. On the other hand, I'm not sure exactly how involved the admissions counselor is in regards to making an admission decision. Perhaps her only job is to recruit and advise people to apply, but in the end, it's the professors and department chairs who are in charge of the decision? Ugh, there is just so much uncertainty involved in the application process.
  11. I'm currently applying and have spoken to the admissions counselor as well. I could not believe her when she said it takes about 2 weeks to finish an application when people usually work on their personal statements for at least a few months. I'm a second year applicant so I have my statement prepared and everything, but still. The priority deadline listed on their website is October 24th so I don't understand the rush. However since it is rolling admissions, I'm still trying to submit my application by next week. I can see how the counselor can give off a negative vibe but I really just wish I knew their intentions. Like do they just want my application money or are they truly interested in giving me an admission offer? No idea what to think.
  12. Thanks for the info, twinguy! This is great news! @hopefulspeechie16 I did my undergrad at UC Riverside. It has both good and bad neighborhoods just like anywhere else. As long as you follow common sense like not walking alone late at night, etc, you should be good. As far as placements, I believe the Inland Empire has plenty although that is definitely something to check with CBU (i'll be checking as well).
  13. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate this post! When you were applying the second and third time, did you apply to different schools or all the same ones? I'm a second-year applicant so I tried to be more strategic where I applied this year with schools that better matched my stats.
  14. Any advice for re-writing your personal statement for the second time around? Of course I am going to put the relevant experience I had during my year of waiting, but what else? Do you write in your statement that this is your second time applying? Exactly how much should you change?
  15. Is it a wise decision to apply for both spring and fall simultaneously? Let's say I get accepted at a spring school whose semester begins in jan/feb, yet I have already submitted apps for fall as well. I have not yet thoroughly researched the exact start dates of spring semester programs, so please correct me if this is wrong.
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