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Letter from an online program.

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I'm currently enrolled in a 12hr graduate certificate in my field (Aquaculture). It's 100% online through the University of Florida. I'm hoping to apply to programs once I am finished.


I have undergraduate research from a prof that knows me fairly well, and I am currently volunteering in a state fish pathology lab. I'm hoping to get letters from these sources. I also have some seasonal work experience in public sector hatcheries, and have tons of experience with and a good relationship with a local non profit that is totally unrelated (but they know me well).


So this brings me to my question...


How do I approach getting a letter from this online program?


It makes sense that I would have a letter from a graduate credit granting program, especially because my top choice is the online professional masters at UF through the same school.


I'm in my first class, and I'm deliberately planning to take multiple courses from certain professors, but other than that I'm at a total loss as to what I should doing to form any sort of relationship.


Any advice?

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I think it'd be hard to build the kind of relationship that would lead to a good rec letter online. But, if you want to do this, you'll want to be a top-notch student, attend virtual office hours if offered, and try to converse with your professors via email/Skype about your interests and the class.

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I am applying to terminal masters that aren't research based. I feel like my best bet for a good letter is from the non profit i worked with. If that were the case I would have one academic/research, one that evaluates my ability as a lab technician, and one that can speak to my leadership and organizational skills. Is this an indication that my applications are not ready? :(

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