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Do universities accept late application?


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I had applied for MS in ECE program at UIUC and NCSU for the fall of 2015 session. Unfortunately I submitted the application 30 mins late, I did not take into account daylight savings time. Will the universities accept and consider late application?

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I applied to a program a few days after their deadline due to a technical error (on my end). I emailed them before submitting my application and the school told me that they were informally accepting applications for 2 weeks after their deadline. 


Also, my roommate applied to a school well after their deadline, asked if it was okay to apply, sent in her materials, and got accepted. 

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One of my LORs was 2 weeks late and I still got in. I would phone the department because sometimes the admissions committee doesn't start reviewing applications a while after the deadline (but it doesn't happen very often so it really depends on the department). 

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