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Help! Boston University vs University of Toronto


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Hello everyone, I got admissions both from the occupational and environmental health of UofT and Maternal and Child health of BU recently. I have interests in both programs and am having hard time making decision.


For UofT, of course, is a great school, but for OEH, Some friends of mine told me that I would need to do PHD in order to have a better job prospect, is it true?


For BU, the program has really closer connection with what I learnt before. But I do not know whether I need to have a United States Medical Licensure in order to work in hospital (I'm an international student).


Can anyone who knows about the programs please give me some information?  How is the curriculum in these schools?

Thank you so much !

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I think it also depends on where do you want to work afterwards. I did my undergrad at U of T and I'd say that students there are known for being competitive and it's pretty stressful. But overall I love there:)

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