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I have been accepted to the MSW program at CSULB and CSULA. Where should I go!? I need help making this decision. I am leaning towards CSULB.

CSULB has a better reputation. I'd choose CSULB over CSULA. Check the stats on both schools here:




Good luck!

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I agree that the general reputation of CSULB may be a bit higher, but not sure about your specific program. My impression is also that it's more of a "college town" with a community built around the school, whereas CSULA is kind of in the middle of a not-amazing area of LA. Though if you're going to be a commuter student anyway, and you prefer LA to Long Beach, I'd also take that into account. Though LB is close to LA, it's a pain to get back and forth so I'd choose an area you don't mind living for a few years. Have you visited both schools and checked out the neighborhoods? Does either school have a professor you love? If funding and rankings are fairly equal, I'd choose the area you'd be happier living in. Good luck! 

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