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Ms in Canada or PhD in US?


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I have two RA full funded offers, one Ms in canada and one PhD in us. I prefer the Ms in canada. but the point is the visa process for students of my country is always risky , Can I accept both offers and try for student visa in both Canada and US .

and see which one gives me the visa?

Isn't this Amoral?

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I think that would be a bad idea. You should not tell a school you will attend if you are also accepting another offer. You will also likely run into problems with your student visa processing if they know that you have accepted two offers. 


I think you should pick the school you want to go to more and accept that offer and do the student visa paperwork for that country. Student visas are a standard thing and unless you have some history, if you have a legitimate offer, then you should be able to get the visa. If for some reason, the visa does not get accepted, you should contact the other school and see if their offer is still available. But don't accept both at once.

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