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USC Marshall vs Rochester Simon

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I have fully funded PhD offers in Operations Management from both USC Marshall School of Business and University of Rochester Simon School of Business. I know both are excellent schools, but I do not know which one to formally accept. In rankings USC is slightly better than URoch. But the living cost in LA is far higher than Rochester. Both the schools are offering me exactly the same amount as fellowship ($30,000 per year + tuition + health). The faculty at Simon seems more friendly and helpful. Three different professors from URoch have contacted me asking if I had any queries or doubts regarding the school and the program as whole. 


So basically it comes down to :


URoch : Low cost of living, more helpful faculty (atleast that is what I felt) but horrible weather and ranked lower than USC Marshall


USC : Higher ranked but very expensive  


What is your suggestion? Please help. 

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What are your career goals? If I were you, I'd think about the range of things I might want to do after (teach, go into industry, open your own consulting firm, etc.) then look at where the recent graduates of each program are currently working. 

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