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Any opinions? I've read some really negative reviews on the school by its undergrad. students and was wondering where people stand for its grad. studies. It looks like it's a joint program with Tufts so it can't be horrible.. right? 

Thank you in advance! 

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I wish they'd sent out their acceptances earlier - I just received a great scholarship offer from SMFA right after accepting elsewhere. 


They definitely have strong alumni who come out of their program, and I think they're quite well respected and offer great opportunities for showing your work.  I didn't feel strong connections to the current faculty, so that would be my reason to hesitate, but if there are people there that you're interested in working with, I think it could be a great program.


I do hear that they're separating from their affiliation with Tufts, though I don't know what the timeline is for this move.

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Oh, I'm so sorry about that.. but congratulations on receiving multiple acceptances!  :) 

Mm, do you think that the faculty is knowledgable..? And what do you think of the studios? I don't know when that's happening either, but according to the dean of academic affairs for Arts and Sciences at Tufts, "SMFA will likely achieve full accreditation around 2020", so I think they're still together this year (especially since this article was written in January 2015).  http://tuftsdaily.com/news/2015/01/29/smfa-seeks-accreditation-strengthens-relations-tufts/

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I attended smfa for undergrad. I'm not sure how generous they are with scholarships, but it's an expensive program, especially since the facilities and studio space is lacking. Some of the faculty are really amazing, but it depends on your focus, I know the performance and sculpture department is strong. I may be bias, but I don't think Boston offers a lot for the graduate students. There isn't much of a contemporary art scene, some small alternative gallery spaces, but they are far and few between. That's my two cents.

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