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  1. Did you hear from Stanford by any chance? I saw your post about getting hits on your website.
  2. Hello! I'm switching from a non-art major to Art and applied to SMFA's MFA program. I got rejected from the MFA program but was accepted to the Post-Bac with merit-based scholarship. I don't think they would make a mistake, but I don't recall applying to the Post-Bac. Does anyone have an opinion on the Post-Bac program at SMFA? Thank you in advance!
  3. Wait, but its website says this, "the application review takes place between mid-February and mid-March; applicants are notified by mail of their status by March 15th."
  4. Congratulations!! Best of luck on your interview!
  5. Hi! That's good to know. Thank you for the information! And, best of luck on your interview!
  6. I think @mlarghydracept heard back! And does anyone know how to link the person's name? I can't seem to get it lol
  7. UMass-Dartmouth just emailed me after almost two weeks of silence, saying that I didn't submit my portfolio (when I totally did)! I even have the SlideRoom confirmation number... I emailed them, but I'm still worried. I'll be so sad if I get rejected because they couldn't locate my portfolio.
  8. Hi! I remember seeing a girl post in last year's thread that she went to an in-person interview at NYU. I'm not sure if they give you options as to what kind of an interview you can have, though.
  9. Thank you for letting me know! I looked at its website, but I can't tell if students are able to enroll in other departments' courses. Would you know, by any chance? Thank you for the link! I'm sorry, I meant interdisciplinary as in attached to a university where I have access to other departments... Thank you for the information, though. Thank you! I'll check out their websites.
  10. Anyone know of any interdisciplinary programs still accepting applications? I'm hoping to add one last program to my list. Thank you!
  11. Thank you!! I appreciate it!
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