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  1. I know Stanford interviewed a couple of weeks ago... has anyone heard anything? I would love to know as I am hoping to apply again next year
  2. @Marlonk I am dying to hear back from UCLA too - by any chance do you know if your friend received good funding from UCLA? tuition covered or anything like that?
  3. Rejected from Northwestern - the department sent an email which was nice.
  4. I got hits from Stanford today, according to Google Analytics. Less than 30 seconds though - can't tell if that's a bad sign or still a good sign
  5. I am struggling with the waiting today! I just keep checking my analytics, this forum and my applications, even though I know it’s completely useless. Also I keep getting voicemails from spammers, a big increase since putting my number in MFA applications - has anyone else found that?
  6. @peachgray Congratulations! One step closer, i'm sure you will do so well. And first interview for the forum
  7. Can we presume that you got an interview @peachgray?
  8. Looking at past forums the first/second week of February seemed to be the busy period of people receiving interview notifications. Of course not all schools are the same, but I think it's safe to say in around 3 weeks lots of people will have heard something! What schools did everyone apply to? I love hearing peoples top choices and reasons.
  9. Pretty much sums it up for me too! In about 3 weeks we should start to hear.. Best of wishes to everyone
  10. Two more applications to finish off for me! It's so hard to know how much detail to go into with the personal history, statement of purpose AND artist statement. I am trying to get that nice balance of all three together telling a nice story of my practice. How is everyone else going?
  11. Good job getting your applications in early @amberf95 I wonder if faculty start looking at applications before the due date?
  12. @Advice4MFA You were right, MIT isn't an actual MFA but the Masters of ACT is the program i was referring to. The mission statement says the program is still centred around critical art practice http://act.mit.edu/about-act/mission-statement/ - part of what my work already does, and what i wanted to further achieve with a Masters is developing an interdisciplinary practice, centered around photography/geology and technology. Thank you for the in depth reply regarding Northwestern and UCLA. It is so useful for me to have that level of information at this stage of my application preparations. There are definitely reasons why I am looking at those universities, so I will try and be really explicit in my statements. I really appreciate you help.
  13. @Advice4MFA That is really inciteful, thank you so much for sharing. I would be an international student, so my recommenders would all be Australian. However I have some mentorships coming up in the USA, but not before the applications are due. It's hard to decide weather to respect and trust the system - provide good recommendations, experience and work and hope that the faculty like your vibe if you get an interview. Or if the way forward is to really push, like the international student you mentioned flying all the way there, unannounced. Thanks so much for your reply, it's given me a lot to think about. I am going to be applying to Northwestern, MIT and UCLA, did you have any experience with any of those schools? Thanks again.
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