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  1. Hey! Did you get an official letter in the mail for the fiber department at SAIC?
  2. Thanks!! Yeah keeping my fingers crossed
  3. I applied into Teaching, Fashion, and Fibers, so still waiting on these departments.
  4. When do you guys think we will start hearing from MICA or SAIC on admissions results?
  5. Your acceptance letters are probably in that package!!
  6. Yes it was from the Hoffberger school, hope you get an interview as well!
  7. I received interviews for MICA's Painting and Teaching program.
  8. I got in an interview for the MAT in Teaching program at MICA today. (By email)
  9. I got in an interview for the MAT in Teaching program at MICA today. (By email)
  10. I honestly don't think that all the MFA requests for SAIC are out, as there are quite a few departments that people are waiting on.
  11. Hi Guys!! Has anyone heard from SAIC masters in Fashion or Teaching? Still waiting on the last two. In a previous email they sent, they mentioned that all email requests would be sent out before February 1st. Is anyone else still waiting on them?
  12. Usually Fiber is the first department to hear back, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m still waiting on two more departments there.
  13. Hi All! I got an interview for SAIC's MFA in Fiber and Material studies Yay!
  14. I guess we are all waiting on them! Fingers crossed we get to the interview stage!
  15. Hi All! I was wondering if anyone has heard back from SAIC and received an interview?
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