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Advice needed on Extra-curricular Activities when applying for a university


Extra-Curricular Activities  

  1. 1. What other extra-curricular activities should I do to put on my resume?

    • Second Work
    • Tutor
    • Sport Team
    • Model United Nations
    • others, discuss in the thread

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I am currently in grade 11, but I dont know what extra-curreicular activities I should do... I will need 5 GOOD ones on my resume. What did you guys put on your resume?

I have:
- First Aid Practice + Competition

- Jazz Band (Saxophone) + Piano (Not very good. Didn't go test my grade. But I started when I was 5 and is continuing playing level 6 pieces)

- Around 60 hours of community service

- Working for a TV testing company in China (Translating English emails, replying English phone calls)

- Air Cadet (Dislike it a lottttttt. Nothing big accomplished in it and also not a leader in it since I joined air cadet late. I wanna quit it. But if I keep doing it, it would be a total of 2 years in air cadet on my resume.)

What else should I put on my resume? I need you guys' help

Some options are:

- I will find a kid to tutor at my school somehow.

- work at MacDonald or something

- Sport team

- Model United Nations

- etc...

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Hi James,


This is a forum for people applying to graduate school, not to get a bachelor's degree. You'll need to post elsewhere to get a good answer to this, so I'm locking this thread. Best of luck to you!

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