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have received the scholarship but the admission...


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Hello everyone,

Today I received a mail that I got a $ 6000 scholarship from the International Student & Scholar Services of the university.

But here is the problem, I have got a rejection from the department a few days ago (I was on the wait list at first).

The application of scholarship separates from the application of admission.

My recruiter told me that they cannot offer me a place because of my low GRE score, and they encourage me to reapply since the applicants' GRE scores are changing every year.


I feel sorry that I was offered the scholarship but I could't get the admission.

Does anybody have the same situation?

Should I mail to my recruiter and show him that I have received the scholarship?

Do they make a second decision on my admission?

I mean, is it possible that they change their decision and accept me?

Thank you!


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This is an extrange situation... one would think that Admission requirement <<Scholarship requirement.


I don't think you are losing anything by contacting them(admissions) on this topic. However, if I was you, I would contact the department that notified you about the scholarship first, to confirm.

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