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qutting doc program may be actually a goodthing


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So here's my story.  I'm posting this not to discourage anyone by no means, just because I want some to know, especially the older applicants, that getting a PhD is not everything.  I am still very passionate about biology, and I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams.  In fact I'm writing a book on the evolution of multicellularity.

     In short, I've been doing molecular biology and other things for the past 11 years.  I've done well, worked at some premier places and have published 5 papers, 2 in top tier journals.  I had to quit a doc program because the funding ran out, I was 2.5 years into it, passed my prelims, published, and did well in my teaching and coursework.  It was a disaster.  Half the lab left too.  Long story. 

     I moved back home and started teaching Bio at a community college as an adjunct ( I have a masters).  That was OK, but it didn't pay well.  Fast forward one year.  Saturday, 3 days ago, I applied to a position at a hospital for a Neuroimaging technologist, thinking, I had absolutely no shot.  The hospital is literally .5 miles away from my house.  Yesterday I get an invite to interview: they want to pay me 32K/year to train.  I think I have a good shot now, and I have an interview next week.  I think the starting salary should hover around 50K with a potential to make 100K.  So, I love research, but hey, this will be ALOT easier, probably pay more, and I can explore my own interests like writing and music.  Plus, I won't get caught up in a post-doc and have a 5% chance of professor ship (and 5% getting a grant as a professor).  Having said that, I've come across a lot of bright, motivated scientists that are doing well, and I'm happy for them.  Good luck :)

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