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Seeking realistic advice from communication studies/sociology phds


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Hi all,


I'm currently in masters program right now, and my interest lies somewhere in between communication and sociology departments (my current program is in sociology). Although I will be applying to few of both depending on the faculty, would you say either one of them has better job prospects after phd? or even in terms of getting into a phd?


For example, I've seen quite a few sociology phds get a job in the communications department, but I don't remember seeing the reverse. Is this because sociology is more transferrable or there just aren't many jobs out there in sociology departments?


Everyone tells me how the fit is important and I should follow my academic passion, etc...and as much as I understand that, I would also like to hear some realistic advice in terms of job prospects. 


After hearing and reading so much discouragement on the job prospects of BOTH disciplines, I'm seriously considering a drastic career change... I'd love to hear about current phd students or graduates whether they would do anything differently if they had the chance to go back. 


I love research and academic work, but I still would like a decent job prospect in the future. Any advice? 


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