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Aerospace Engineering M.S. Degree Length and Workload

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I've been looking at a few Aerospace Engineering programs, including those from the University of Michigan, Purdue University and the University of Colorado Boulder, and many of them seem to require 30 semester/credit hours of course and/or thesis work in order to complete the degree. However, I've been struggling to find explicit values for how long one of these degrees generally takes to complete. If they are completed over 1 year, the 30 credit hours requirement seems like quite a challenge, but fairly normal by engineering standards, however, if the MS is completed over 2 years, the 30 credit hours seems like a very light amount of work (i.e. if your average course is 3 credit hours, then that's 10 courses required in total and about 2.5 per semester). So my question is, how long does it typically take to complete an MS in Aerospace Engineering from the above-mentioned universities? Thanks very much.

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