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Canada vs US (MPA)

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I am completely torn on this decision. 


I have narrowed my choices down to the Syracuse MPA and Queen's University MPA. Both are one year programs, both will be comparable in costs (received generous funding from Maxwell), and both are relatively close to Ottawa (where I want to be).


A few key differences. The Queen's MPA seems to be much more policy, theory-based vs practical/management at Syracuse. Most people from the Queen's MPA have gone on to work for the Government, which I am not interested in doing. That being said, Maxwell seems great for creating networks in the US, but not so much in Canada. 


I think the courses and program interest me much more at Maxwell, but I am nervous that it will be difficult to come back to Canada following my degree. 


I have no idea what to do. Does anybody have experience with doing a graduate degree in a different country/region that where you decided to settle? Was it difficult to create your networks?


(Background: I have 3 years of work experience in nonprofit, Canada-US organizations)

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