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GRE-centric universities


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Hi fellas


I am an international student planning to apply for chemical programs in fall 2016

though my undergrad school is top class. but i have kinda average gap ( 3.2-3.4/4)

Now mostly seniors from my college go to pursue direct phds  in us after their undergrads at UC riverside, Upitt, umich, akron etc but i was wondering if anyone has an idea about the universities which give high emphasis to gre scores.

apart from my gpa rest of the profile is top notch


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Usually, universities won't directly tell you if they are "GRE-centric," but a lot of them do have cut-off scores with regards to GRE scores and GPAs. Looking up their average stats, and the scores of previously accepted students from gradcafe's results search, might give you some clue.


Also, you could have a stellar resume and perfect GRE scores and still be rejected because of a flimsy SOP, so I suggest you work on that as well. Take a look at the SOP sub-form for some great advice! :) I'm saying this because it's something that's overlooked way too often, landing rejections to very qualified and capable applicants.


And finally, take your deadlines into account and make sure everything is sent in and delivered before the said date!


Good luck!

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