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Admitted: Georgetown Conflict Resolution


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Not sure if there are many (any?) Georgetown CR folks here, but if so, what are your thoughts on the program?  


With only 5 more days until the decision deadline, I am having a very difficult time deciding if this is the right program for me (primarily due to the enormous price tag, despite being offered a moderate scholarship).


If you have decided whether or not to attend, what are the primary factors that contributed to your decision?


What are your long-term professional/academic aspirations and interests?  


Other thoughts/questions???



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Hi, also admitted. What other programs are you applying for? Professionally, I'm hoping to be involved in inter-ethnic conflict analysis as well as stabalization and reintegration efforts, although I have no background in the field. You?


And yeah, the price tag is making me a little leary. I was able to make it to the open house, but I missed the alumni dinner and feel I have missed out on talking with the key people I need to contact.

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Hey, great to hear from you.  I ended up accepting the offer today after receiving a small additional merit scholarship.  It wasn't an easy choice but I am pretty happy to be part of this program and think it will pay for itself as a result of their great career center and the marketability of the Georgetown name.


Sounds like you have some very interesting career objectives that are somewhat similar to my own.  I'm very interested in transitional justice and post-conflict reconciliation and truth telling initiatives, particularly in Africa (East Africa, even more specifically), though I imagine my interests and regional attachments will evolve while in this program.  I have some work experience in the region (Uganda) but look forward to more, hopefully next summer.


What did you think of the open house? I wasn't able to make it, though I did visit the campus in December and enjoyed meeting the interim director Craig Zelizer who was quite helpful.  

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The open house was actually rather sparse. There was an initial government department meeting, then a meeting with two of the program professors and the new director (an ex-ambassador who liked to take his time), and a chance for Q&A with some current students. There was also an alumni dinner but I had to miss it, for which I ended up kicking myself. The one thing I've learned in the last few weeks is that talking with alumni is one of the most important things about deciding on a program.


I don't know much about truth telling initiatives, but transitional justice is also one of my interests. I actually have only brief volunteer experience in the field so I'm hoping the program will allow me to gain the practical as well as theoretical experience that I need to do fell upon graduation. I've been eying thier connections with Mercy Corps in Burma.


Craig Zleizar has definitly been extremely helpful and was actually the person that clued me into the existance of CR MA programs in general. However, even given that, I'm still torn between an MA in CR at Georgetown and MA in IR with a CR concentration at SAIS. 

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It's not an easy choice.  I fully sympathize.  SAIS is intriguing to say the least and certainly competes. I decided to steer clear largely due to the heavy economic focus. If you haven't yet, I strongly suggest emailing Zelizer to see about additional funding availability. They were fairly receptive to my requests. End of the day, either program is going to be great. Have you decided?  Hope to see you in Washington next year.

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Hi! I'm currently deciding between the Georgetown Conflict Resolution program and programs at Denver and IHEID. For those of you who ended up going, what are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program? Also, did you guys get funding/what are prospects for funding for your second year?

Thanks in advance:) 

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