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  1. I've gotten a few responses from some people who did IR at IHEID, they said really good things about the program, and that they thought it was a great program for PHD preparation. Also, found out more about the complicated process for my parter to get a visa/job. Not a lot of feedback from Georgetown though. Did you catch the panel discussion for IHEID today?
  2. Hi, I noticed from some of your responses on different threads that you went to Georgetown. I was admitted to the program in CR and I was wondering if you would tell me a little bit about your experiences there! 

  3. Hi everyone! This is my second post and I wanted to start a new thread because I've managed to reduce my options down to two schools. I'm deciding between: Georgetown University's Conflict Resolution Master's program (no funding) The Graduate Institute in Geneva's Master's program in Political Science/International Relations (no funding) I'm considering the cost difference, but its not a huge factor because I have a SO who will be working while I'm in school, as long as he can get a job (he is a teacher and has never had a problem finding employment). We have joked that he
  4. Members 1 9 posts Location:California Application Season:2016 Fall Program:Poli. Sci/IR/Conflict Res/Int. Studies Posted just now · Report post Hi! I'm currently deciding between the International Studies program and programs at Georgetown and IHEID. For those of you who ended up going, what are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program? Also, did you guys get funding/what are prospects for funding for your second year? Thanks in advance:)
  5. Hi everyone! I'm still stuck deciding between programs (IHEID VS Georgetown VS Denver) and I figured I would try my luck on this forum:) Are there any current students or alumni in the Political Science/International Relations who can tell me a little about the strengths and weaknesses of the program? Advice they would give to people who are about to go into the program? Anything they discovered after they started? Thanks for the help:) (if you know of a better place to post or people to contact, please let me know!)
  6. Hi! I'm currently deciding between the Georgetown Conflict Resolution program and programs at Denver and IHEID. For those of you who ended up going, what are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program? Also, did you guys get funding/what are prospects for funding for your second year? Thanks in advance:)
  7. @Saheim I think I'm going to try emailing some alumni from IHEID and see what they thought were the strongest and weakest points of the programs. I'll let you know if I find out anything that helps me:)
  8. Still working on a decision. Thinking about flying to Geneva for the open house though haha and my partner emailed the embassy to see about getting a visa. So far I've contacted all three schools to see if I can get more funding, but I won't really find out about that until after the deadline. I think I might be leaning towards Georgetown vs Geneva unless I hear something soon about funding from Denver. I just have so many unknowns and these are all programs that I think I would be really happy with. :/ Have you visited Geneva?
  9. Any idea if they told people whether they have been wait listed for aid? I'm crossing my fingers haha...
  10. Hi! Just a quick question:) I just talked to the Korbel School about funding and they said that students with funding have an earlier decision deadline than students without and once their decisions are made any left over funding might be disbursed to other students. Is there anyone on here who got funding? Could you tell me when your deadline is? I'm trying to make choices about schools and I'm really anxious to see if I'll end up getting funding after all:)
  11. Hi everyone! I just got admitted to the Political Science/IR MA program and I have a couple questions that I'd love some help with:) First: Does anyone know how difficult it would be for my fiancé to move to Geneva with me? He is a teacher (basically all subjects up to high school level) and has U.S. citizenship. Second: We have two large dogs...how impossible will it be to find housing? And do you have any recommendations for areas that would be best to live in considering this? Leaving them in the United States isn't an option, so I figure I better get to work finding accommodatio
  12. Problem: I've been accepted into some incredible programs and now I'm having a truly difficult time deciding between them. I honestly didn't expect to get into more than one or two programs (my undergrad GPA wasn't amazing), so while I'm pleasantly surprised, I'm overwhelmed! I have been accepted at: Georgetown University - MA in Conflict Resolution, No funding University of Denver - MA in International Studies, No funding The Graduate Institute in Geneva - MA in Political Science/International Relations, No funding Here are my thoughts: I'm primarily concerned wi
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