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  1. Hi, I noticed from some of your responses on different threads that you went to Georgetown. I was admitted to the program in CR and I was wondering if you would tell me a little bit about your experiences there! 

  2. For Russian political stuff, I'd look at: Harvard, Columbia, UofT, Wayne State, UMichigan, Georgetown, Stanford (vaguely ranked from more theoretical to a greater focus on policy analysis). There are others that are super, of course, but these are some of my personal favorites. I would look closely at the MA program available at these schools and the resources in that MA program because you'd, usually, have the option of working pretty closely with folks from the terminal MA department (typically some version of CREES or CERES or REES).
  3. Loved Georgetown. Great balance of professional development and intellectual practice. Totally loved it.
  4. I loved, loved, loved Georgetown. I went in with no funding for my master's degree, started part-time, and ended up getting 30-40k a year when I switched to full-time. They have a lot of money to award academic achievement. They also used to send me abroad/ to conferences/ to do fieldwork while I was there. I loved it and highly recommend it. That said, I think GW, culturally, is a bit more relaxed if that's of some importance to you. I used to study on occasion at GW's library.
  5. Hi Takeruk, thank you for this informative answer! I am actually a Canadian permanent resident so may be eligible for some of these federal opportunities. At any rate, it's so helpful to see them clearly written out like this. I am curious, also, about American opportunities. For example, I recall trying to apply for a Summer FLAS award back when I was doing my undergrad at McGill and not being eligible, per McGill being a Canadian institution. Wondering if anyone's had any experience with this funding juggle and whether it is worth it?
  6. Hi, I've been accepted to the University of Toronto's Department of Political Science. I'm a comparativist/ Russianist. I like the program a lot but have some hesitations about pursuing a Canadian degree in a US-centered market. I've been accepted to American programs but find Toronto's to be a good fit and want to examine its pros and cons. Here are my basic assumptions: - Canadian schools lean qualitative. US schools lean quant. Both offer both. - Job-market aside, Toronto can place TT and post-docs just as an American university can. (The issue is the visa.) Here are my questions: -
  7. Gosh, I love this city so very much. Great social/music/religious/academic/art scene. For apartment finding, check out the Twitter account d:Hive Live -- they update their feed with new apartments regularly. 10 years ago, Midtown was the safe neighborhood. 5 years ago, you could live in Corktown/ Downtown. Now folks live in Eastern Market, New Center, Woodbridge, North Corktown, Brightmoor (with a car, of course), Riverfront, and in the Villages. We walk downtown on Woodward and side-streets at night to go out/ get late-night food/ etc. Great cafe culture here.
  8. Hello Grad Cafe, My question might seem ridiculous but I'd rather be really careful about the particulars of plagiarism than regret something later. For the last two years of my graduate degree, I have been growing a research project which I thought of, found funding for, conducted all interviews, did all field research, etc. I have developed a website to share my research with family and friends. I have also been fortunate to have written about my research for multiple major media groups (RFE/RL, Foreign Policy Magazine, etc.). I'm thrilled that my research has made its way around the w
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