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Josh ZZX

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Hello Guys!!


it seems that I have to make a decision that might affect the rest of my life! I applied for bioengineering Ph.D/M.S(thesis based) in UCLA and UCSD respectively, and got admission from both of the schools. Here are some pros and cons of the offers. 




it is Ph.D program! Since I want to be a researcher and work in R&D division or universities, an opportunity to get a Ph.D degree directly is really attractive. 

Los Angeles, a city better than San Diego, cinemas, sports events, concerts and so on, I might be able to live a more colorful life. 

UCLA, though not as good as UCSD in terms of bioengineering, has a incredible overall ranking, and might have a better global reputation



The department is not supporting Ph.D students directly, no fellowship from the department, students need to contact professors and secure a RA position for daily expense. No tuition waiver before passing the QE.I have contacted several professors for lab position, and no one replies. It seems that my first year, at least the first quarter, might be self-funded.

Ranking in Bioengineering, #30+ for UCLA, top 5 for UCSD.





Great ranking in bioengineering

a lot of bioengineering companies around UCSD and most of them have good relationship with the department. Easier to get a job after M.S. graduation. (though my ultimate goal is to get a Ph.D, people do change their minds, those companies are giving me more choices)

Beautiful beaches, relaxing time maybe. It is said that students are not so stressful in UCSD?



As a M.S. student, no fundings, maybe I can try to fight for fundings by telling UCSD I am also holding an offer from UCLA (don't know whether it is moral to do so)

Not a Ph.D program, might need to apply for Ph.D after 2 years. 


Thanks a lot for your suggestions!!! 

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