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Career Advice - Thermosciences to control systems


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Hey everyone!


So I came here because I am quite lost actually... I got a bachelors in mechanical engineering which was too focused in thermosciences. This year I have applied to several masters programs in mech. eng. in control systems but was rejected to the majority of them. I was accepted only to a controls masters in my own country (Brazil) and to a masters in robotics at Kings College London which is pretty much focused in the informatics area. I would like to ask if anyone thinks that doing this masters in the UK would increase my chances of being accepted in a renowned program in control systems MS/PhD. Is there any other think I could do to increase my chances? I really think that my background has damaged my application, once I think I have good credentials. Thank you all very much!

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I am doing my BS in Chemical Engineering and switched over to control systems. I understand your predicament - I had to justify to just about everyone I spoke as to why I am switching over. I did a minor in Systems Engineering which certainly helped I guess. I would suggest one course of action, which I had as a backup plan: work with an electrical engineering department for 1 year as a project assistant, get a conference paper or two, and then apply to either ME or EE programs (from my understanding, the nature of control systems work in the two are somewhat different but distinctions are greatly blurred).

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Thank you very much for your advice cheme_pse! 

I'll try to do it although I feel that it will be quite complicated to perform the plan as you told...

My currently situation is: I am doing a masters in my country on electrical engineering in the control area, and just got accepted by KCL in london in robotics... The focus of the robotics course in london is way too focused on CS and not in control theory as I would like. Is it a good strategy to do this masters in London and after that re-apply for an MS/PhD in control systems (my first choice) or is it better to just finish my masters here and apply for a PhD abroad?


Thank you once again and congrats by your accomplishments!

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