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Online bio class?

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I'm looking for a bio class for this summer for the asha requirement. My local community college hours don't work for me (4 hours a night 4 days a week). USU doesn't have one because of the lab component. Any idea where I can take this online this summer? If a&p is acceptable that's fine too.  I'm not too worried about the cost - it'll still be cheaper than having the kids in daycare full time just to take one class!

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Look at Eastern New Mexico University. I am taking a physics class with lab online through them. If they have a physics class I am sure they have a bio class.

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Lyra, which one? The comd advisor at usu made it sound like that wasn't an option .


BIO 1010. Funny the COMD dept actually recommends it on their website for students to take, but I have found from personal experience that the COMD adviser for undergrads gives okay advice sometimes and very bad advice others. I double checked with my grad school and they said it would be accepted. If in doubt, I would double check with your graduate school since they are in charge of signing off on the ASHA requirement when you go to apply for your Cs, and USU really has nothing to do with it. Hope that helps!  

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I am trying to remember but am not sure any more- does the physics/chemistry and bio requirement require a lab?

I don't think so, but you should double check with your graduate program. Here is what ASHA posts and it says nothing about a lab.






Here is an example from a school on what they consider to meet the standards which specifically states they do not require a lab to consider that the requirement is met.




ASHA ultimately grants your Cs but it is the graduate school who tells ASHA that you have met the requirements so it's really up to them and specific schools might vary in what they accept. For example this school states that it accepts AP credit for statistics, and I know that the school I am attending does not. So it's best to take each school on a case by case basis.

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