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  1. Hey I have been waiting for magoosh to go on an extra sale for a while and it finally happened so I just wanted to share that with everyone! Got the 6 months for $80. I know a lot of people were really successful with their program.
  2. Hey just wanted to give everyone a heads up that magoosh is having an extra 20% off sale today because of Valentine's Day. Got the 6 month package for $80 instead of the usual $100. I'd been waiting for something like this to make me purchase so I finally did haha
  3. Anyone have an update for this? I searched and this is the only thread I found. I'm looking for west coast 3 year leveler programs you don't have to reapply for. Thanks!
  4. You could try Florida schools. I live in SD and it honestly doesn't get better than San Diego. I love living here. I know people have gotten into that program from out of state while being really persistent and in contact with the people in the offices there. I'd give it a shot. If you want to to live somewhere with a nice lifestyle.
  5. Unfortunately, I'm just going to be doing Utah state online. I would have much rather done this, but I live in San Diego and have a life here so I can't just pick up and go. I'm from LA and have family I could live with there but I love my job in San Diego as a nanny and I have a girlfriend who is deployed in the navy until January. Congrats on Loma Linda! The combined program is such a better option. You're already in!!! Yay!!!
  6. Just wanted to let you guys know I was sent an acceptance email from CSULA's post bacc program this morning, but unfortunately will not be attending. Good luck everyone!!
  7. I'm not one yet, but I'm a nanny and the babies mom is an SLP. Her school is "year round" so the breaks are a little different, but she gets that time off. She works a couple extra days once everyone goes on the longer summer and fall break and goes back a couple days early, but besides that she gets the same breaks, holidays, etc.
  8. Which Magoosh GRE Vocab app is it that people suggest? They have two.
  9. Can anyone who has done the post bacc describe what the courses are like? I know at university of Florida the lectures are recorded and you can watch them. Is USU mostly readings or is there a lecture component?
  10. You can get financial aid for a second bachelors? I thought you couldn't??
  11. It would be lame but you gotta do what you gotta do hahaha
  12. Has anyone done the online post bacc through U of F? Where did you end up going for your masters?
  13. I just don't like the whole monogram/name thing!! I wish the covers were different lol
  14. By the way, anyone also doing USU part time want to be friends?! It would be nice to have a partner going through it all!
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