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SLP Programs for Out-of-Field Applicants

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Someone else expressed interest in schools that offer three-year or leveling tracks, so it might be nice to have a list here for easy reference (I'm not sure if there's a simple way to search for these programs on ASHA EdFind?).


  • Here are some schools that accept out-of-field students and offer integrated leveling years (i.e., these schools do not make students reapply after completing pre-requisite coursework):




University of Arizona




University of Colorado, Boulder




Northwestern University

SIU, Carbondale




IU, Bloomington




University of Iowa




University of Kentucky

University of Louisville




University of Central Missouri


New York:


New York Medical College

New York University

Teachers College, Columbia University


North Carolina:


Appalachian State University

Western Carolina University




Vanderbilt University




James Madison University (note: JMU accepts very, very few out-of-field students each year)

Radford University

University of Virginia


  • Here are some schools with post-bacc options (i.e., students do have to reapply after completing pre-requisite courses):




University of Washington, Seattle


Washington, D.C.:


George Washington University




University of Wisconsin, Madison


  • Schools that require minimal prerequisites prior to matriculation:




Boston University

Emerson College





If you know of other programs (including online leveling programs), please feel free to add them here!

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I know of a few others:


Illinois: SIU- Carbondale

Missouri: University of Central Missouri

North Carolina: Western Carolina University, Appalachian State

Nebraska: University of NE at Omaha

Kentucky: University of Kentucky, University of Louisville

Indiana: IU-Bloomington


These are 3 year leveler programs

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I can go by the schools I applied to because I'm out of field with no prereqs!

Mgh and Emerson both allow you to apply without prereqs, but you have to take them by the time you matriculate.

Bu allows you to apply without prereqs and you only need language acquisition completed before you matriculate.

New York medical college doesn't require any prereqs to apply or matriculate.

Hope this helps!

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For Schools that you DO RE-APPLY once you finish pre-reqs: 


East Carolina University offers their full post-bacc leveling courses online.  If interested, students must FIRST email Dr. Cox on March 1st at 9am or later, and she will let you know if you have a spot.  Then, you apply as a non-degree seeking student (app fee currently $70) and she will register you for the courses.  There is usually a long waiting list for these courses, and in-state tuition is very good, so lots of competition within NC.  


University of Alaska Anchorage offers the same ECU pre-req program online, in an E-live format (you actually have to show up for class at a certain time, once a week).  No app fee to apply as a non-degree student.  Alaskans have a limited number of spots reserved in the ECU master's program (distance ed, I think), but participating in the UAA classes does not guarantee a spot. 


UNC Greensboro offers the leveling classes but only a few of them are online, according to their website.  


Appalachian State claims to offer the leveling courses online but I was unsuccessful in figuring out if anyone could register for them if they were not already an App State student.  They also offer a 3-year program, and spring admissions for in-field students. 


Longwood University (VA) offers all of their leveling pre-reqs online.  The format is totally online, very self-directed learning.  Some course (phonetics) have a Wimba Classroom for a few live review sessions.  No proctored exams.  

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Univ. of South Carolina accepts out of field students for the on camous M-SP and they take 4 courses on campus at USC the summer before, while in-field students begin in the fall. They also offer their program completely online as a M-CD.

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I forgot that University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign also admits out of field students and has them take an extra year of pre-reqs before starting the regular grad program.

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An amazing list compiled by katie-bird:


On-line Post-Bacc Programs: 

University of Alaska Anchorage (7 course offerings, though not every class is offered every semesters)

East Carolina (but we missed that boat: must e-mail by March 1st for a spot)

Eastern New Mexico (has synchronous/asynchronous class scheduling)

Florida State (6 courses/24 credits, can do Post-Bacc anywhere but must reside in FL for Masters Program)

Idaho State (12 courses/37 credits, has on-campus and mixed option)

La Salle (10 courses/37 credits, has on-campus and mixed option)

Longwood (9 courses/27 credits)

SUNY at New Paltz (9 courses/28 credits, has on-campus option but limited seating)

Tennessee State (6 courses/20 credits)

Texas Woman's University (application was due March 1st AND finals must be taken on campus--yuck)

The University of Montana (10 courses, fall/spring semesters, has synchronous/asynchronous class scheduling)

University of Nebraska, Kearney (10 courses/32 credits)

University of Vermont (8 courses)

University of Wyoming (10 courses/31 credits)

Kean Univesity Pre-Professional Program (8 courses/25 credits, has on-campus option)


On-Campus Post-Bacc Programs (all completed in one year as full-time student):

CSU Fullerton (12 courses/36 units, 3 semesters, credential in Speech/Language/Earhing)

CSU Long Beach (51 units, 3 semesters)

CSU Los Angeles (14 courses/57 units, 4 quarters, preparatory certificate)

Chapman (10 courses/30 credits, 5 terms, preparatory certificate)

Portland State (12-16 courses/45-60 credits, 3 semesters, earn B.S. in SLP)

Minot State (13 courses/40 credits, 3 semesters) 

Kean Univesity Pre-Professional Program (8 courses/25 credits, on-line or in-person, 3 semesters)

Metropolis State University (8 courses, 2 semesters, leveling certificate)

University of Washington (12 courses/65 credits, 5 quarters, earn B.S. in SLP)

East Washington University (12 courses/34 credits, 2 semesters)

Idaho State (15-16 courses/38-41 credits, three semesters [final semester is on-line])

La Salle (10 courses/37 credits, typically takes 18-24 months to complete)

UT Austin (9-10 undergrad courses as non-degree student)

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Actually, University of Wisconsin--Madison changed their program this year. It used to be a three year program. For the first time this year, however, they've implemented a 1-year Post-Bacc program that out-of-fielders must complete. After completion, out-of-fielders have to reapply for admission to their Masters program. 


I know this because I applied for their Masters with the impression that it was a three year program, and was contacted by their admissions coordinator asking me to apply to the one year Post-Bacc instead. 


It was a bummer! 

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^Right, Madison is already listed under post-bacc options in the first post.

Oh! Sorry I totally read that wrong! But I did get into a three year program at George Washington...so I'm not sure if there are two options there? To continue is contingent on me getting a "B" or above in all the pre-requisites, but I don't have to reapply. 

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Oh! Sorry I totally read that wrong! But I did get into a three year program at George Washington...so I'm not sure if there are two options there? To continue is contingent on me getting a "B" or above in all the pre-requisites, but I don't have to reapply. 


Ack, I considered applying to GWU, but I didn't realize that the "re-entry program" was integrated (to the point that I didn't even apply there because I didn't want to reapply :wacko:). I would edit the OP if I could.


Thanks for the correction!

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Apparently SIU, Carbondale is not a three year leveling program. I just got rejected today because I did not have enough pre-reqs completed. You must register as an undergrad and take the required courses and then apply to the graduate program, even though their website acts like you can come in right after undergrad if you are out of field. Their website even says that you can still be admitted into the grad program without a cds undergrad degree...but apparently that's only if you complete their pre-reqs first. Just wanted to give a heads up because their website currently does not make this clear at all.

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 Northeastern lets you apply without having completed the pre-reqs


In California, CSUEB and SJSU both have 3 year programs combined with prereqs, without needing to reapply

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UT Dallas is another school that accepts leveling students without needing to re-apply, and you can finish pretty quickly.  I have been taking a few leveling courses (6 so far) and would be able to complete UTD's program in 5 semesters (2 years - fall, spring, summer, fall, spring), so I would assume those who haven't had any could probably finish in 6 semesters (including 2 summers).

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NJ: Montclair State University


note: At the open house they mentioned the three year track is actually easier (purely statistics wise) to get into because they have less students applying for a set number of seats they reserve for their three year track students

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