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Jobs that come with Tuition Waivers at Universities


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Hi there, I'm curious if other schools offered positions for grad students that come with tuition waivers. At Arizona State, we have Management Internships that are specifically for grad students to work, often in the offices of the Provost or Vice Provost, admissions, etc. Is that normal at other universities?


I ask because I should hear by the end of the week if I'm funded for my PhD program, but I'm exploring other options in the interim. Unfortunately, it's the only program I was accepted into, so it's a one shot deal. 



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I should have been more specific...I already go to ASU but I'm getting ready to (hopefully, depending on funding) go to NCSU in the fall. Funding in my program generally is a TA/GA position, I meant outside that for example, management internships like those offered at ASU. :)

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