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KAIST (in Korea) vs. University of Texas - San Antonio (in USA)


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Hello friends

I'm an Iranian master student at Pusan National University, South Korea. My major is mechanical engineering. 

I have scholarships from the following universities. Kindly help me select the right university.


1. Obtaining my PhD from KAIST:

KAIST is Korea's top engineering school and is ranked as top 21st school in engineering worldwide.

I have already visited the laboratory. The lab is well equipped with comprehensive equipment both cheap and extremely expensive facilities are available.

My prospective supervisor is Korean. He is full professor and he obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley.

I have freedom to study on any topic. We have no weekly meeting and I may study at home or lab (complete freedom).

KAIST is located on Daejeon, a "not so big" city in South Korea. Perhaps, I will have difficulties living there.

The people speak in Korean language and it's difficult to interact with Korean students.


2. Obtaining my PhD from University of Texas - San Antonio:

The ranking is obviously lower than KAIST.

My prospective supervisor is Indian. She got her PhD from Cornell University. She is currently associate professor.

I don't know how much freedom I have for choosing my research topic.

I never visited this lab, however, I assume KAIST has better facilities.

It's located in the USA. The people speak in English and accept foreigners more easily compared with Koreans.

Perhaps, I will have a better life condition in USA.


Which one do you think provides me with better opportunities in long-term?

Thank you for your time

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