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  1. Hi everyone, I've been accepted finally to McGill (Master). Although I didn't get a scholarship, I will put all of my budget to fund myself, and I hope to get the fund next year. I'm completely in rush since they sent the letter late, but I think it is doable to finalize the documents to attend in Fall. Please send me message if there is Whatsapp group
  2. Any updates? The last step that I did was sending TIF scans and forms in the beginning of June MSc Mechanical Engineering
  3. Hi everyone, Unfortunately, after sending my GRE and TOEFL results to many universities, there is a university found that the date of the birth is incorrect in my GRE and TOEFL results. Thus, they didn't accept it as official reports, till fixing the date. For the GRE, they fixed immediately by sending the passport. However, for the TOEFL they didn't since I already did the exam. Please advise me what to do? Should I retake the TOEFL exam? Is there another way to not spend more money on that .... Thanks,
  4. My result appeared.. rejected Good luck guys
  5. Guys, any updates? i saw in the Results page of 'thegradcafe' that there is one get acceptance from the Electrical Department
  6. GPA: 3.64/4.00 GRE: V-143, Q-161, AWA-3 I have 3 conference papers and 2 journal papers under review. However,, till now,, not interviewed :(
  7. Did any one interviewed by the admission (the 2nd interview)?
  8. Guys, Did you know anyone who had been accepted in KAUST before without doing an interview......... Till now, I didn't get any chance for an interview, even that I believe my profile is strong enough to be evaluated.....
  9. For me, No.. Till now, no interviews.. I couldn't find a POI yet it seems this is the problem...
  10. I hate waiting I'm trying to be patient. However, I cannot handle that! I feel that my motivation decreases each day! In addition, I cannot concentrate to my classes!
  11. Guys, sorry for this question, but can I know why you had applied to KAUST? I mean, I have my reasons, but I just want to know why others want KAUST, even that it is still new university comparing to other universities. Let's say that you get an approval from a high rank university, which one do you select?
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