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  1. @GeologyMajor No, I have not heard anything from them whatsoever. But not too interested in the institution anymore.
  2. No, just one time fellowship, will most likely look for assistantship 2nd semester or 2nd year. I have engaged with a few, but not 100% yet who my adviser will be.
  3. Just got dept letter, offered $2000 fellowship and in-state tuition. Valid until April 20th.
  4. @light435 Yes, we will need to correspond with professors ourselves, but the applications are circulated around the department so professors can check out for any available assistantships. If they decide to award a position, this will be included in the departmental letter. She said it is rare for professors to give out assistantships without seeing us there and enrolled. But she did mention that scholarships are awarded to help us out with the transition to get In-state tuition. Hope that helps, and congrats!
  5. @Lucky14 I know a few people, so will most likely find housing with one of them. But I would suggest applying ASAP to the TAMU housing website to get on the waitlist. You can apply for a single bedroom in 2 BR unit (cheaper than 1 BR), and you will be assigned a roommate. @thunderfly@Kashyap1985 You may contact Eleanor Schuler or Dr. I Yuccel Akkutlu, I have corresponded with Dr. Akkutlu via email, and have spoken to Eleanor over the phone last week (which I posted earlier in this forum). TAMU uses rolling admissions, so it is not over until you receive an official rejection as some of the candidates already have. To those who have been accepted, we are waiting on departmental letter (official already received). April 15th is used as the benchmark unofficially, but many universities do not follow this schedule. @freebirdie I have also applied to UAF, but this is because I have research interests that the department specializes in. But the program is not ranked highly, and Alaska may not be an easy place for a lot of people to live. Did you apply?
  6. Hey guys, I spoke to TAMU over the phone, and she said that they let the applications float around the faculty before the actual departmental letter is sent out to each admitted student. At that time, they will give us a deadline to accept offer, and will offer any available funds in form of scholarships or assistantships. To those still waiting, there could also be available seats based on people who do not confirm enrollment, so don't lose hope! Also, she said she is working to get letters sent out soon, she mentioned April 10th, but don't quote me on that. Hope the information helps!
  7. Congrats to all the acceptances at TAMU so far... Did any of you hear anything about funding with your acceptance, or do you have any information about it? I was admitted back in Feb., but am still waiting on dept. letter/funding. Even a scholarship would be great, as this reduces tuition to in-state.
  8. @Pete_Eng2016 Sorry about that, keep your head up, there is opportunities out there!
  9. To all of you PE's out there viewing this forum, please feel free to jump in, post your profile, and add to the discussion! Don't be scared, haha.
  10. Accepted at OU for Natural Gas Engineering and Management. Will be inquiring about funding, otherwise nothing else from TAMU thus far.
  11. Thanks Pete_Eng2016! You guys all have excellent profiles, let me know if you guys get any news...
  12. @Pete_Eng2016 Would you mind also sharing your profile? What is your undergrad major/school?
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