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  1. I guess my question is, WHY!? You have two graduate degrees from two countries, and you still want to go for a Ph.D.? You should be able to work by now, if you are interested in academics, why not go for a teaching fellowship or a Post Doctorate position? With your profile, a Ph.D. will not add much to your "desirability." Also, I am guessing with all your degrees; you are in your late 20's. You should consider working, So, keep in mind, Teaching Fellowships, Post Docs, or just get a job.
  2. I think you have a fair shot at NYU, It will likely come down to your SOP, and letters of recommendation. If you are a persuasive writer and your claims are backed up by solid recommendations, you should make it. The internships and your quant score are your strengths, your GPA is the weakest link. I would not count on any assistantships or scholarships if I were you. But, just for admission, you should definitely go for it.
  3. I hope your resume is nothing like this post because if it is, you are in for a rude awakening. Most of the information presented under "achievements" is either superfluous or trivial. Achievements should highlight your unique accomplishments and not a rundown of everything you ever did that is of note. Going on a student exchange program is a necessity, not an achievement in this day and age. University scholarships are a norm, not something to flaunt. This flaw propagates throughout your entire post. That brings me to the tone of your post (I could be wrong here) but, I get a sense of entitl
  4. I got into 3 of the above-mentioned schools (TAMU, Stanford, and UT Austin), and I have to say, with the information you provided here, you have very little chance of being accepted into any of those three institutions. (Unless your Master's thesis is "groundbreaking" and that is the reason for your low GPA both in the undergraduate degree and the Master's degree.)
  5. I am not sure either, but, it is usually low compared to the number of Fall applicants. I would guess maybe 100 - 150 fewer candidates applying for spring.
  6. rup831, I am sorry to say this, but you have a very slim to no chance of getting into any top Engineering program. Most Graduate schools need a minimum of 3.0/4.0 GPA to even consider your application. So, it will be a miracle if your application makes it past the preliminary screening process.
  7. Yes, I agree with Fischie22; All STE (not M) majors are treated about the same regarding their GPA, preparedness, etc. However, the number of pre-requisite courses you will take in your first semester/year depends on the particular major and all the courses you completed as an undergraduate.
  8. https://gradschool.utexas.edu/admissions/where-to-begin/admissions-and-enrollment-statistics This page is very useful to get an insight into the application and admission patterns. You are a math major, I am sure you can interpret this data better than I did.
  9. Hey, I am glad to see others like me trying to get into Petroleum Engineering. Like you, I am also a "non-engineering" student applying to PET programs. I am an Astrophysics student from Arizona State, and I am applying for the Fall 2017 season. However, I also have a minor in mechanical engineering, so, I am in a slightly better position with many pre-requisite courses already under my belt.
  10. Many applicants to Petroleum programs are non-petroleum undergrad majors. So, your lack of experience might not be as big a problem as you think (make no mistake, it is a negative, but not as big a negative as you think). Your GRE score, on the other hand, is a problem. If you see on the UT Austin website, the average quant score for admitted students is 165 for Fall 2016 and 166 for all semesters 2015. So, you will be in the bottom half of the admitted students in the last two years. The case is similar with the verbal score (Avg for 2016 was 156). Coming to your GPA, 3.6 - 3.5 is good enough
  11. Have you already applied to schools? I think the deadline for most of the top petroleum programs was either December 1st or December 15th. UT Austin was Dec 15th, Stanford was Dec 13th, USC was Dec 1st, and your own Penn state was Dec 1st I reckon.
  12. I think the applications have actually increased because of the downturn. More and more petroleum undergrads are going to grad schools, and the openings are filling out fast. When did you decide to apply to Grad schools? Did you take the GRE? What universities are you applying to?
  13. You can send both of them. If you only want to send one, send the first one.
  14. Quant score 161 is too low for top MBA programs. Take GMAT and score well or take the GRE again and score >= 165.
  15. Don't worry about it. As long as it is relevant, interesting, and to the point, they don't mind long essays.
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