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Public Policy masters: Duke, Carnegie Mellon, GWU, and UTexas


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I'll be attending an MPP program, and my main choices come down to those mentioned in the title. My goal is to work in environmental policy at a large NGO.


I'll break down the funding/cost of attending situation below:


  • George Washington: $31k/year tuition - $15k/1st year funding + ~$25k/year cost of living~97,000 total cost of attendance 
  • Duke:                           $45k/year tuition - $20k/year funding + ~$20k/year cost of living  = ~$90,000 total cost of attendance
  • Carnegie Mellon:      $44k/year tuition - $34k/year funding + ~$22.5k/year cost of living  = ~$65,000 total cost of attendance
  • UTexas:                                                         $31k total tuition + ~22.5k/year cost of living = ~$76,000 total cost of attendance



  1. GWU said they may increase my offer, and has mentioned that there is a high chance of getting funding in my second year. Their final cost would likely be lower than what's above.
  2. UTexas didn't offer me any funding, however their tuition starts out quite low and I'd qualify for in-state tuition in my second year.
  3. In terms of program preference, I definitely like Duke's program the most, followed by CMU, then GWU, then UTexas.



I'm looking for any input that you all might have. What program would you choose and why? Do my cost of living estimates look reasonable? Thanks for the input!

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